06 Sep 2016


Thanks, Michael.

Thanks, Ken, studio assistant extraordinaire.

Thanks Jane, and thank you all for coming to Linton &Kay’s this afternoon.

I feel so privileged in being supported in doing what I love doing best.

You allow me to slog away, day after day, painting, painting.


Being an only child reared in isolated parts of Kenya ( my father was a doctor with the Colonial Medical Service ), left very much to my own devices, I became a day-dreamer. -

I could drift around mentally doodling all day, and this, coupled with Pencil and Paper the only toys available in War Time Kenya - well, one thing led to another, and here I am.

For me, oil paint is the day-dreamers’ medium.

It invites a rational process of this-goes-onto-that-as-that-goes-onto-this.

It allows for over-painting and obliteration.

It records its own process - tells you how it was made.

It is the image of a day-dream.

Now just as each mark in a painting is coloured by all the marks that went before,

so it is with this exhibition - it is hung chronologically, and I hope you see how each painting is the product of its predecessor, and leads on to the next.

For instance, NightFighter and BudBurst - the stridency of one generating the fragility of the other; looking at them now I think there is some masculine / feminine thing going on.....

What do you think?

I have been asked to do another floor talk ( date to be advised ) so if you would like to chew the fat on these matters, you would be most welcome.

Well, thanks again for coming.

Enjoy the show.


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