Second Sunday December 9 2012

03 Dec 2012

Second Sunday Gallery

23 Oct 2012

Dec 5th to 18th 2011

21 Nov 2011

An addiction to Anamorphics

06 Nov 2011

George has got the anamorphic bug, again.

As he says, an addiction to anamorphics is like that to fags - it can creep up on you and before you know it you are at it night and day.

Here Comes the Fremantle Doctor

06 Nov 2011

dinghy days

14 Aug 2011



05 Aug 2011

Welcome to our website, I say 'our' website, because I do it all, and George tells me what to do .

'We' are still putting the website together, not an easy task because there are gaps everywhere.

This is largely due to George, who failed to keep records of his work. Neither apparently did his various galleries.

Topped off more recently by the theft of one or two computers, and the disintegration of a third.

Hence, some gaps. Many gaps.

So if you know of the whereabouts of any of George's paintings and drawings,

please do let us know, and you will become a foundation member of

G.H.F.C. (George Haynes Fan Club).



A new angle on fete champetre

28 Jul 2011

A summer cold

28 Jul 2011

A few anamorphicas

30 Aug 2009

 this time a whale-boat

working on….

01 Apr 2009

A large perspex drawing frame - drawing a seated lady. This has since been built of plywood cut-outs - and another version of steel rod.

The latest fountain-lady

30 Aug 2008

laser-cut in aluminium, then 'drawn' on, worked on, with an angle-grinder. She has now gone to

live in Les Alpes Maritimes, in the south of France

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