Klee talked of….

26 Nov 2011

Klee talked of taking a line for a walk.

I am taking a dot for a dance.

Bela Kotai’s speech at the Artsource 2010 Lifetime Achievement Awards

22 Nov 2011

Tom Stoppard, the great English playwright wrote a radio play years ago called - Artist Descending a Staircase.   The play was about modern art and one of the characters during the play says,
of every thousand people there’s:
nine hundred doing the work,
ninety doing well,
nine doing good,
and one lucky bastard who’s the artist.
I am here to explain why we are fortunate that George Haynes is that lucky bastard.
This award goes a little way to awakening our recognition of his lifetime contribution to the visual arts in WA.
Every society honours its resident conformists and its absent troublemakers.
As George is plainly with us, this honour means that somebody thinks he is no longer a troublemaker.
George has been with us, in Australia, for nearly forty years. We have become used to having him around, though lately he conceals himself behind his work.
Don’t be fooled.  He is still the rebel he ever was, seldom even ordinarily respectable and usually doing what he can to keep body and soul apart.

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This game of the territorial resembles GO

22 Nov 2011

This game of the territorial resembles GO

But with the added factors of Tone, Temperature, and Chroma (the intensity and hue of a colour).

Go becomes 3 dimensional and one has stumbled on


Notes on ‘Yonder Cloud’

22 Nov 2011

Polonius, poor old devil, has baled up Hamlet in the library and is intent on finding out if he has gone completely mad –

H. Do you see yonder cloud that’s in the shape of a camel?
P. By the mass, and it is like a camel in deed.
H. Methinks it is like a weasel.
P. It is backed like a weasel.
H. Or like a whale.
P. Very like a whale.

- I have tried to depict the cloud as seen through Polonius’s rheumy eyes, and to confuse matters it is reflected in Elsinore’s moat, and the moon is scudding by.